Athens Water Festival

Thank you to these organizations for presenting at the 2021 Athens Water Festival and making the festival a special experience for everyone!

These water organizations came together to make water sparkle! Attendees could touch sea life, become a water drop or create a water delivery system. With open-ended activities, participants of all ages enjoyed the activities at the festival. Thank you to the groups below who participated in the 2021 festival.

ACC Water Conservation: Play "Water Drop Plinko", assemble the WaterSense logo in less than a minute, and learn how water can balance on surfaces like a penny.

Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful: Climb to the top and conquer the litter problem with Litter Twister Climb

ACC Cooperative Extension & Master Gardeners: Make a pot out of newspaper & plant a seed inside. Remember to water! Test your knowledge with a compost quiz!

State Botanical Gardens of GA: See how bogs work in the water cycle.

Public Utilities & Transportation and Public Works: Splash in the spray and explore the trucks needed to take care of our water in ACC

GA River Network: Protect our waterways from the river to the swamp.

ACC Stormwater: Test your physical ability through various stormwater obstacles in the Olympic Rain Drop Relay!

UGA Marine Sciences: Get up close & personal with creatures from the Georgia coast.

UGA Water Resource Team: To flush or not to flush, that is the question. Test your flushing knowledge.

Art Truck: Art Class - use watercolors and stamps to create beautiful works. 

ACC Extension SNAP Ed: Enjoy infused H20 to spruce up your water game.

Oconee River Trout Unlimited: Learn tips and tricks to better your cast.

ACC Recycling: Try your hand at a recycling relay game. Do you know where your trash goes?

Upper Oconee Watershed Network: Macroinvertebrates call our local streams home. UOWN brings a few along to join us in the festival fun. 

Sandy Creek Nature Center: See how animals use the need for speed.

Bag the Bag UGA: Plastic bags wreak havoc in our water. Recycle a t-shirt into a bag and bring it the next time you go shopping. 

St. Mary's Wellness Center: Test your balance carrying buckets of water! Careful, don't spill!

Bear Hollow: Meet local wildlife and get crafty.

Girl Scout Troop 12043: How many paper clips can you float on water?