Commercial Curbside Service

Collection Rates

Commercial curbside services are dependent on where your business is located. Call 706-613-3501 ext. 302 to find out if your business can receive commercial curbside services.

In addition to the rates charged to customers based on their service level, refuse is required to be placed in authorized bags (clear bags with black text / writing with a black drawstring handle) that must be purchased for $1.50 each. The cost of the bags covers the disposal cost, the cost to manufacture the bags, and a small administration cost. 

Rates Effective January 1, 2012.
Collections Per Week

Two collections - Commercial outside Central Business District $26.60

Three collections - Commercial inside Central Business District $32.60

Two collections - Residential inside Central Business District $40.60

Seven collections - Commercial $82.60

14 collections - Commercial $161.60

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