Dumpster Services

The monthly fees for garbage dumpsters are (new fees as of January 1, 2012):
Collection Frequency
Dumpster Size





One per week  $71.60 $86.60



Two per week  $125.60 $157.60



Three per week  $181.60 $226.60



Four per week  $236.60 $296.60



Five per week  $291.60 $366.60



Four-yard dumpster dimensions are five feet long by six feet wide by four feet high. Six-yard dumpster dimensions are 5.5 feet long by six feet wide by 5.5 feet high. Eight-yard dumpster dimensions are 5.5 feet long by six feet wide by seven feet high.

Extra Services and Fees

Customers who have blocked dumpsters or want to switch out dumpsters will be charged $15 per dumpster. Customers requesting an extra pick-up shall pay the following fees for each additional dumpster tip requested:
  • Four-yard: $15.28
  • Six-yard: $18.52
  • Eight-yard: $21.76
Any customer requesting a change in service level or collection schedule over and above the one free change allowed to each customer during a calendar year, will be assessed a fee of $10 per change. A minimum of $20 will be charged for steam cleaning and disinfecting dumpsters. Commercial dumpster customers shall sign either a one-, two-, or three- year service contract with Athens-Clarke County for collection services. For questions on garbage services, call 706-613-3501.