Land Developers

Stormwater conceptual meeting information:

In order to schedule a stormwater concept meeting, please submit PDF versions of prior and post development conditions to along with your request for a meeting time. A street address specifying the project site must be included in the request email. Stormwater concept meetings are scheduled on a first-submitted-first-served basis and are held virtually unless specifically requested otherwise.

Permitting Fees:

Please see the chart for information regarding our recent permit and fee changes. Development projects are reviewed and inspected by Athens-Clarke County Stormwater Management. These fees make it possible for us to ensure that stormwater systems reasonably minimize chances of damage to public and private property and infrastructure. Public health, safety, and general welfare are prioritized along with the health of our streams and rivers. These updated fees will go into effect July 1st!

Permit and Fee Schedule

Permit DescriptionFeeUnitLand Development Service
Land Disturbance Activity Permit$410Per disturbed acreConstruction and Stormwater Management Plan Inspection
ROW Encroachment Permit$115Per PermitROW Encroachment Plan Review and Inspection
Driveway Permit - New Construction$85Per PermitDriveway Plan Review and Inspection
Driveway Permit - Repair$79Per PermitDriveway Plan Review and Inspection
Construction Plan Review$520Per Project (2 Reviews)Construction Plan Review
Roadway Construction Plan Review$65Per ProjectReview of roadway construction plans
Stormwater Management Plan Review$476Per Project (2 Reviews)Stormwater Management Plan Review
Single Family Residential - Stormwater Inspection$181Per HomeStormwater Inspection
Single Family Residential$43Per HomeMinor Stormwater Inspection
E&SC - NPDES Review$45Disturbed AcresE&SC Plan Review and Inspection
Re-Review Fee$275Per re-submittalFee is at the discretion of Department Director
E&SC/Construction Violation and Re-Inspection Fee$200ViolationCode Enforcement
Lane Closure Permit$Per PermitLane Closure Plan Inspection
Traffic Control Plan Review$165Per Project (2 Reviews)Traffic Control Plan Review
Floodplain Construction Permit$65Per ProjectElevation Certificates and Floodplain Mgt. Requirements
Traffic Impact Analysis$344Per ProjectTraffic Impact Analysis Report Review
Road Closure with Detour Traffic Control Plan Review$165Per ProjectTraffic Control Plan Review

Remaining Land Development Fees will be charged based on site activity as follows:
Active Construction$35Per disturbed acre per monthActive grading on consultant site

Follow these helpful tips to do your part in preventing stormwater pollution:

  • Identify and conserve environmentally sensitive areas on your site and design your site around these areas.
  • Use low-impact site design principles. For better site design development tools and tips visit the Center for Watershed Protection and the Georgia Stormwater Management Manual.
  • Implement and maintain aggressive erosion control measures to prevent sediment runoff.
  • Locate your site away from any down-sloping street or driveway, and any stream, lake, or drainage way.
  • Maintain construction entrances and clean up sediments daily by sweeping or scraping up soils tracked onto roadways.
  • Prevent root damage of trees and shrubbery by placing barriers around plant life and limiting construction within those barriers.
  • Re-vegetate through seeding and mulching, as vegetation is most effective in erosion control.
  • Report a discharge to the proper authorities.

Think you do a pretty good job protecting stormwater run off and preserving water quality in the work you do? Consider applying for the Stormwater Steward Award! Each spring the award is given to individuals, groups, or firms that go above and beyond! Visit the Stormwater Steward Award page for more information.