Animal Cruelty

Making a Complaint

In order for us to investigate an allegation of animal cruelty, we must have the following information:

  • Name, address, and phone number of the complainant
  • Exact address of the location of the animal(s) - we must have a street name and number, including the apartment or lot number
  • A specific incident or observation made by the complainant; in other words, the person calling must have seen an act of cruelty occur

We can only remove a dog in order to prevent further suffering if the dog’s life is in imminent danger. In most cases, the owner is given an opportunity to improve the dog’s condition and provide proper care first. Only in extreme cases do we impound an animal and charge the owner with cruelty to animals.

It is very important that citizens do not attempt to “solve” the problem by providing food, water, shelter, or other care that could potentially destroy the physical evidence of neglect and cruelty. It is also absolutely critical that citizens do not take matters into their own hands and remove the dog. To do so may subject the citizen to criminal charges of theft by taking, obstruction of Animal Services, criminal trespass, criminal destruction of property, and other crimes.