Little Lily's Pad Hop

Looking for a way to bring continued environmental education into the classroom? Then Little Lily's Pad Hop may be just the project for your classroom! 


Little Lily's Pad Hop is a learning tool to increase student literacy skills, encourage family involvement, and combine subjects in a new way, all while promoting water conservation practices.


Little Lily is a stuffed frog who comes with a bag of learning tools. Students take turns bringing Little Lily and a Water Log home to identify how water is used by the family. With the family's participation, students journal about Little Lily's visit. The Water Conservation Office sends continuous supporting materials in Froggie Care Packages designed to reinforce the water concepts and maintain the students' enthusiasm.


Pre-school through 5th grade enjoy Little Lily's visit, but she is particularly ideal for the Pre-K through 1st grade. Often times water education is geared toward higher grades. Recognizing the lack of materials for early learners, this project targets the learning objectives of our younger students. Little Lily also works well with a cluster group.

How Long?

The stay of Little Lily's visit is flexible and can be easily adapted to individual classroom needs. She can stay for the whole school year or for a few months, depending on how you would like to schedule her home visits with your students. If Little Lily only visits for a few months, we will continue to send your classroom Froggie Care Packages after her visit to continue providing you with water education materials.


Little Lily is leaping with excitement!

 Take this fun "hop"-portunity 
 for your classroom to:

  • Increase literacy skills
  • Foster family involvement
  • Build self-confidence
  • Protect our water resources
  • Provide continuous environmental education

Contact 706-613-3729 to have 
 Little Lily hop to your school pad.