Little Lily in Action

The Water Log

Students take Little Lily for a home visit. Using a "Little Lily's Water Adventure" sheet (see image below), the family counts the number of sinks, toilets, shower/tubs, dishwashers, and washing machines in the house. Students also indicate on the sheet which of three water conservation books the child reads during Little Lily's visit. Finally, the student creates a journal entry to bring back to the class to share their adventures with Little Lily. The journal entries are added to a classroom book, "The Water Adventures of Little Lily", for students to read as desired.
Little Lily Journal Entry 2
Students draw pictures and write
about Little Lily's visit to their house.  Here she is with a bike.
Little Lilys Water Adventure Sheet
Little Lily Journal Entry 1
Students can take photos with Little Lily to create their journal entry, which is kept in a classroom book.

Froggie Care Packages & Other Goodies

We keep the students excited about Little Lily. After a student brings Little Lily home for a visit, he/she receives a certificate, frog tattoo, and has his/her name added to a large classroom poster. In addition, the Water Conservation Office sends a Froggie Care Package to Little Lily every month. This is packed with a letter and goodies for both the students, parents, and/or classroom. Add the letters to the classroom book, "The Water Adventures of Little Lily." If Little Lily ends her visit before the end of the school year, we continue to send packages to keep the water conservation messages and environmental education going. Here are images of a few of the items you may receive.
Lilys Certificate
Every student receives a certificate
for taking Little Lily home and sharing
their journal entry.
WaterSense Look for
Students begin to recognize
the WaterSense logo through
a classroom puzzle.
Don't forget the family! Parents
receive brochures to send the
water conservation message

Little Lily Gets Social!

Looking for ways to use social media in the classroom? Little Lily is on many of today's busiest platforms. Let us know your school permissions and we can include what is happening in your class on these sites. If you prefer to keep classroom happenings private, simply visit the sites to see some of Little Lily's past adventures.

Pinterest: Find photos of Little Lily and her travels. Click on the pictures for links to fun facts, water games, and other information. Visit the other boards for water activities with children and more interesting tidbits.

Blogs: Occasionally Little Lily will be featured in a blog piece. For example, she once hopped over to Europe for a tour of toilets!

Facebook: The Athens-Clarke County Green Schools Facebook page is a resource for our local schools. With your permission, we can share class photos on this page. We also post Little Lily happenings here.

Instagram: See Little Lily out and about around town. You can also look for Little Lily in the photos tagged #littlelilylookout. It is like a "Where's Waldo" with Lily!