Filing Garnishments

Garnishment is an action that can be used by a judgment creditor to attempt to collect on a judgment. A garnishment is filed against a third party who holds money or property for a judgment debtor. Normally garnishments are filed against a judgment debtor's employer or bank. Garnishments can be filed in the Magistrate Court as long as the amount due on the judgment does not exceed $15,000.

In order to file a garnishment in the Magistrate Court of Athens-Clarke County, you must have a copy of the judgment upon which you are filing. If you are interested in filing a garnishment, please contact the Clerk of Magistrate Court for the applicable carbonized forms and instructions.


Venue is appropriate in the county where the garnishee (employer or bank) is located.

Filing Fees

The filing fee for a garnishment is $100. The cost of the filing fee will be added to the amount to be garnished.