Project SHARE

Imagine a day without access to clean water delivery.  Emergencies, health crises, and challenging economic times often make it difficult for people to pay their water bills. 

To prevent those in our community from experiencing a day without water due to financial hardship, Athens-Clarke County has partnered with The Salvation Army to support our community.  Project SHARE is a program for Athens-Clarke County water customers to assist their neighbors in need.

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How Project SHARE Works

Water customers in need of assistance request a referral from a Water Business Office Customer Support Representative.  The customer then contacts the local Salvation Army to apply. Eligibility requirements and Project SHARE program recipients are determined by The Salvation Army.  

Funds for assistance come from generous donations made by utility customers through a recurring monthly donation on the water bill or a one-time donation.

The PUD does not determine eligibility, the amount of assistance provided, or accept applications. While applying for assistance, please continue to pay your bill and/or make a payment arrangement with our customer support representatives. An appointment with The Salvation Army for water assistance or a completed application does not guarantee processing or payment. 


If you find yourself in need of assistance, Project SHARE is here to help.

To apply for assistance:

  • Get a referral from the Water Business Office.
  • Set up an interview by calling The Salvation Army at 706-543-5350.
  • Bring proof of identity, residence, income, and documentation verifying the crisis causing financial challenges.
  • The Salvation Army determines eligibility based on a comprehensive assessment of individual circumstances and need.  The Athens-Clarke County Public Utilities Department does not determine eligibility.
  • All assistance is made payable to and sent directly to the Athens-Clarke County Public Utilities Department. SHARE funds may not be used to pay any deposit.


To donate to Project SHARE, enroll in monthly gift giving through your water bill or make a one-time donation.  Donations can be made through the following avenues:

  • Enroll in monthly contributions online or add one-time donation to water bill using the Project SHARE contribution enrollment form.
  • Print the one-time contribution formand return to the following address:
         ACC PUD, Project Share
         124 E. Hancock Ave
         Athens, GA   30601
  • Drop off the monthly contribution form or a one-time donation* at the Water Business Office between 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM or in the drop-off box locations in the front and rear of the Water Business Office building located at the above address.

Your voluntary gift will be used locally to make a difference in our community.

*Make one-time donations to "ACC WBO," with  "ACC Project SHARE" in the memo line.

The Salvation Army is a 501(c)(3) organization.  As a Salvation Army program, gifts to Project SHARE are tax-deducible.