Marriage Certificate

Marriage certificates are proof of marriage and are public record therefore anyone may obtain a certified copy.  To obtain a copy of a marriage certificate, you may visit the Probate Court office during regular hours of operation, Monday-Friday 8:00 am- 5:00 pm or you may send a written request.  We are only able to process requests for marriage certificates for marriage licenses that were originally obtained from Athens-Clarke County Probate Court. Each Court has the authority to certify it's own records and cannot certify for any other Court. The fee for each certified copy is ten dollars ($10.00).  Please note that acceptable payment  is CASH OR CHECK ONLY.  For the Court to access  the marriage record be sure to supply the names of both applicants (as they would have used when they originally applied for the license) and the date of marriage.  If sending a written request please provide a return address or a self address envelope and contact information. Mailing address for written request is 325 E. Washington Street, Suite 200, Athens, GA 30601. 

If you are sending the request as a search for a marriage record the $10.00 fee will be applied as a search fee even if we do not house the marriage record.