Marriage Certificate

Marriage certificates are proof of marriage and are public record therefore anyone may obtain a certified copy.  

Obtaining a copy of a marriage certificate

You will need:

  • The names of both applicants (as they would have used when they originally applied for the license)
  • Date of marriage
  • Fee of $10.00 per copy (cash or check only)

Obtain a copy in person

  • Visit the Probate Court office during regular hours of operation, Monday-Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

Obtain a copy by written request

  • Send a written request to 325 E. Washington St., Suite 200, Athens, GA 30601
  • Include a return address or a self addressed envelope and contact information.   

Additional Notes:

  • The Probate Court is only able to process requests for marriage certificates for marriage licenses that were originally obtained from Athens-Clarke County Probate Court.
  • If you are sending the request as a search for a marriage record the $10.00 fee will be applied as a search fee even if we do not house the marriage record.