15: Sandy Creek Nature Center Exhibit Project

Project Statement

This project will provide funding to renovate and/or replace the original Coastal and Wetlands Interactive Learning Centers (ILCs) at Sandy Creek Nature Center. This project will bring these two exhibits up to comparable standards for interactivity, sustainability and multi-generational learning as the Agriculture, Woodlands, Urban, & Sky Center ILCs created through SPLOST 2011. Depending upon costs and funding availability, the improvements for the exhibits may include, but not be limited to the following items: new interactive and educational graphics that convey current and updated messages; upgrade pumps, lighting and other exhibit support systems to current, more energy-efficient and sustainable standards; larger aquariums better representing near-shore areas of the Georgia coast; and, update audio-visual messages and technology. Additionally, to the extent allowed by law, funds may be used as matching funds for leveraging grant opportunities.

Estimated Cost:  
SPLOST 2020 Budget
Estimated Annual Operating Savings