Preventing Residential Burglaries

Prevention Assistance

The Athens-Clarke County Police Department is seeking to provide the citizens of Athens-Clarke County with information regarding low- to moderate-cost burglary prevention devices and tools. These devices are designed to lessen the probability of you being a victim of a burglary without evidence to capture and convict the perpetrator(s). These devices use key crime prevention and target hardening principals of light, time, noise, and surveillance:

  • Light: Using light to increase the detection of a burglar
  • Noise: Creating a disturbance that burglars would like to avoid and would alert neighbors of the burglar’s presence
  • Surveillance: Installing camera systems to alert residents to an intrusion and to save valuable evidence of the identity of the perpetrator(s)
  • Time: Installing hardware which makes it more time consuming to break into a home or apartment

Burglary Prevention Devices

Disclaimer: The below products are offered as information and are based on sound crime prevention principals. They have not been tested for reliability by the Athens-Clarke County Police Department.

Low to Moderate Cost Devices

Moderate to Expensive Alarms and Surveillance

Burglary Prevention Tips for the Holidays