Oak/Oconee Street Corridor Study

The Mayor & Commission of Athens-Clarke County directed the Planning department to evaluate the existing conditions of the Oak Street & Oconee Street corridor as it relates to land use and design goals outside of the right-of-way, with a secondary focus on right-of-way improvements. Based on an inventory and analysis of existing conditions, the Planning Department developed recommendations regarding future development along the corridor.

oakoconeeaerial_Page_1The Planning Process

The corridor study review process began with the development of the nine Areas of Focus (as defined in Section B.2). Specific corridor elements were inventoried within each Area of Focus (as described in Section B.3), and existing conditions along the corridor and within immediately adjacent neighborhoods were recorded. The inventory findings were analyzed and specific character areas were identified along PROJECT OVERVIEW Athens-Clarke County Corridor Study Oak Street & Oconee Street 8 the corridors, mainly determined by the existing development form. Successful areas, areas of concern and areas of potential growth were identified within these character areas, and potential recommendations and strategies for improvement have been proposed based on the analysis.

The full corridor study review timeline is available here.