How do I start other utility services?

The Public Utilities Department (PUD) specializes in providing excellent water and sewer services for Athens-Clarke County (ACC).  We do not offer any other services.  

For your convenience, the PUD can assist residents within the ACC Solid Waste service district with establishing trash services.  The monthly charges for Solid Waste customers are included in the water bill.  PUD can also accept in-person payments for customers paying their Stormwater Utility fee.

Learn more about Solid Waste and Stormwater Management services in Athens

Trash Service:  

  • ACC's Solid Waste Department provides garbage and recycling services to residential customers in the Urban Service District (USD), which encompasses the former city limits of Athens.  For questions about service locations, roll carts, pick-up schedules, trash bags, recycling, or leaf and limb, contact the Solid Waste's Billing Office at (706) 613-3501 ext 7884. 
    If within this area, the PUD can assist customers with establishing trash service while starting water and sewer service.  Charges for Solid Waste collection are included on the water and sewer bill.  
  • Private Haulers:  ACC's Solid Waste Dept. maintains a list of private haulers that operate in the community for those living outside of ACC's Solid Waste collection area.  Private haulers must offer recycling services to both residential and commercial customers.

Stormwater Management:  

  • Stormwater Management:  The stormwater runoff from your property must be managed to prevent flooding further downstream and on roadways, reduce the discharge of harmful pollutants associated with stormwater runoff, and protect the water quality of our streams and rivers.  The amount of impervious surface on a property is the primary basis for the stormwater utility fee, and the funds are used for stormwater management in the county.  If you have a question about this service or how to pay your bill, call 706-613-3989 to reach Stormwater Management, a division of Transportation and Public Works. 

Looking to get started with additional utilities?  

Please use the following contact information for questions or to assist you in establishing your other utilities.  Because we only handle water and sewer, our PUD customer service representatives do not have access to information regarding which of these utilities serves your address.   

Power/Electricity:  The following are local power providers.  Contact these providers to determine which one offers service for your location.  

Georgia Power
1001 Prince Ave
Athens, GA 30606

Jackson EMC
85 Spratlin Mill Rd
Hull, GA 30646

Walton EMC
2061 Hog Mountain Rd
Watkinsville, GA 30677

Natural Gas:  The following company can assist in matching you with your natural gas provider.  If you use natural gas at your home, we recommend keeping your natural gas company number handy in case you should ever smell gas at your home.  Our PUD crews cannot respond to or repair gas leaks. 

Atlanta Gas Light
10 Peachtree Pl NE
Atlanta, GA 30309

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