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Stormwater Management

  1. 2024 Stormwater Calendar Photo Submission

    Residents are invited to submit their own water or nature photos for possible inclusion in the 2024 Stormwater Calendar. Please only... More…

  2. Education Visit Request

    Interested in having our Program Education Specialist visit you and your learners? Fill out the form below and we will be in touch with... More…

  3. Stormwater Advisory Committee Public Comment Form

    Public comment form for the Stormwater Advisory Committee

  4. Stream Clean Up Site Nomination Form

    Do you know of a stream in Athens-Clarke County that is looking a little littered? Nominate the site for a stream clean up by... More…

  1. Athens-Clarke County Stormwater Utility - Impervious Surface Adjustment/Review Request

    If you are requesting a review of the total square footage of impervious surface on a parcel, please complete this form entirely.

  2. General Feedback Form

    A general form for citizens to ask questions and provide feedback

  3. Stormwater Billing - Change of Ownership Form