Memorial Park Improvements

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What's happening at Memorial Park?

Stormwater Infrastructure Replacement

Stormwater infrastructure items to be replaced include dredging and enlarging the lake's forebay, increasing the capacity of the forebay's spillway, draining and dredging the lake, removing the island, restoration of the lake's edge habitat, dam repairs, reconstruction of the dam's emergency spillway, and replacement of ancillary stormwater infrastructure, that will result in less flooding, better drainage of the pond, and an overall better aesthetic of the lower area of the park.

Vehicular and Pedestrian Circulation

Along with the stormwater replacement, the park drive, pedestrian walkways, and parking will be improved. 

Amenity Enhancements and Renovations

Dog Park rehabilitation to address erosion and fencing failure, playground replacement, picnic shelter upgrades, and restroom renovations to comply with ADA standards.

Bear Hollow Zoo Improvements

Improvements include construction of a reptile house with restrooms, quarantine houses, animal enclosures and night houses to improve the lives of the zoo inhabitants, enhance visitor experience and/or as matching funds for grant opportunities. 

See the full details of the SPLOST projects for Memorial Park and Bear Hollow Zoo.

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