Cigarette Litter Public Awareness Campaign

Cigarette Fairy adDo You Believe in the Cigarette Fairy?
Once upon a time, there lived a Cigarette Fairy. You know this fairy - cousin to the Tooth Fairy. She picks up littered cigarette butts that have been left to disintegrate (silly fable) on our sidewalks and roadways. Oh, and she’s always smiling while she cleans up other people’s waste. Do you believe in the Cigarette Fairy?

Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful (KACCB) created the Cigarette Fairy public awareness campaign to ask the question, “Who do you think is picking up the cigarette butts?” Littering is against the law. Throwing a cigarette butt on the ground or out a car window is littering. KACCB is asking smokers to take personal responsibility and put waste in its place. Because really, we hate to burst the fairy tale bubble, but… there is no such thing as the Cigarette Fairy. If you choose to smoke, please choose to keep our community clean as well.

The Cigarette Fairy public awareness campaign can be seen on University of Georgia buses, Athens-Clarke County buses, Fairway billboards, Beechwood Stadium cinemas, Georgia Square Cinema, ACTV, eight selected Comcast spotlight cable networks, and selected downtown bars, businesses, and newspapers. If you see someone littering, call the Litter Hotline at 706-613-3506. Thanks for keeping Athens-Clarke County beautiful.