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Two - Slightly Littered

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Three - Littered

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Four - Extremely Littered

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The Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful (KACCB) Litter Index is a simple tool that provides a quick visual assessment of the amount of litter present in our community. The data obtained through the Index determines the community improvement programs needed to address current conditions and achieve long-term, sustainable results.

The Litter Index is divided into the ten commission districts in Athens-Clarke County. Six one-mile sections of road were randomly selected from each district. These roads were selected to include main routes under the jurisdiction of both the county and the state.

KACCB is asking citizens to provide input on the litter they see in their community by submitting scores for selected roads in one or more of the districts before July 15, 2019!

To participate in the Litter Index:

  1. Print a copy of the litter index (PDF). You may survey as many districts as you'd like and you may survey a district on multiple occasions.
  2. Walk, bike, or drive the six selected road sections for your district(s).
  3. Rate each road section on a scale of one (cleanest) to four (dirtiest) for litter.
  4. Submit results for your districts at LITTER INDEX RESULTS. You may also mail your forms to 725 Hancock Industrial Way, Athens GA 30605.
  5. Pat yourself on the back! We appreciate your help!

Questions? Call 706-613-3501 or email

Interested in getting more involved in cleaning up litter in your community?

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