Information on Rules


  • Please obey all instructions given by the deputies and other court personnel.
  • Please use common sense and courtesy when asking for reference material or to do research.
  • Do not wear distracting or unseemly clothing to the Courthouse or in the Law Library. Caps and hats are prohibited within the courtrooms and the Law Library.
  • Please do not write in, mark, underscore, or highlight any part of the books. Patrons may copy printed material in the Office of Superior and State Courts, located in Suite 450 of the Courthouse for 25 cents per copy.
  • Adults with children are responsible for their children’s supervision, conduct, and safety. The Law Library is not responsible for any accidents that may arise because of an adult or parent’s neglect.
  • The Law Librarian cannot and will not give legal advice.
  • The Law Library does not offer secretarial services or writing supplies and is not responsible for erroneous information that a patron may obtain.