Research Resources

Available Resources

Athens-Clarke County Law Library has over 3,000 volumes as well as a computer for legal research. Our legal research resources include the following code books and sources.


  • Code of Athens-Clarke County (Charter and Ordinances)
  • Official Code of Georgia Annotated (OCGA) (State Code)
  • United States Code Services (USCS) (Federal Code)

Court Reports

  • Georgia Appellate Reports (Ga. App.)
  • Georgia Supreme Court Reports (Ga.)
  • Southeastern Reports (S.E.) and Southeastern Second Reports (S.E.2d) - Regional court report highlighting Georgia cases
  • Supreme Court Reports (S. Ct.)
  • United States Supreme Court Reports (U.S.)

Other Sources

  • Corpus Juris Secundum (CJS)
  • Federal Practice Digest, Third and Fourth Series
  • Georgia Jurisprudence and Georgia Procedure
  • Georgia Session Laws, Senate Journals, and House Journals
  • Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory
  • Shepard’s Citations (State and Federal Cases)
  • Suggested Pattern Jury Instructions
    • Vol. 1: Civil Cases
    • Vol. 2: Criminal Cases
  • Words and Phrases

Computerized Legal Research

The Law Library has a computer for legal research and a printer for printing cases and other documents. There is no general internet access available on the computer, but one may access Westlaw and Lexis by selecting the “Westlaw and Lexis” icon at the top right of the login screen. Please call 706-613-3177 for an appointment or to schedule meetings, conferences, and research times.