Athens-Clarke County FOG Program

FOG clog

The Athens-Clarke County wastewater collection system has experienced an increase in sewer blockages and overflows due to the accumulation of Fats, Oils, and Greases in the system. These overflows pose a risk to human and environmental health. Additionally, Athens-Clarke County is experiencing increased costs associated with the removal of grease at its three wastewater treatment facilities.

FOG in liquid form may not appear to be harmful, but as it cools it congeals and hardens. It sticks to the inner lining of sewer pipes and restricts the wastewater flow causing the pipes to block. It decreases pipe capacity requiring that sewer lines be cleaned more often and some piping to be replaced sooner than otherwise expected. FOG also hampers effective treatment and causes damage at the wastewater treatment plant.

Whether it is cleaning up blocked sewer lines, disposing of FOG from sewers, cleaning up sewage spills on streets, or handling increased content load at the wastewater treatment plant, FOG build-up and blockage in the sewer system can translate into very high costs for all. Ultimately, citizens pay the bill. Higher costs are transferred to customers through higher water and sewer bills.

Blockages may cause a sewage backup into your home, resulting in expensive clean up costs and repairs to your sewer pipes, home and belongings. Blockages may also trigger an overflow or backup of sewage into the streets, parks, or waterways creating a public health risk and threatening the environment.