Approved FOG Transporters

Generators of regulated waste are responsible for the waste from the time it is created until disposal is completed.  Therefore, it is essential for generators to use qualified contractors to pump out waste properly, clean grease traps completely so they function properly, and transport the waste safely to the ultimate disposal facility.  

Grease Transporters

All commercial transporters of grease disposal are required to register with the Environmental Protection Division (EPD) and obtain a FOG number to operate in Georgia.  Athens-Clarke County requires commercial businesses to use a registered grease transporter to maintain and clean grease traps and systems. 

The Southeastern FOG Alliance maintains a current list of state-registered transporters, who have been issued permits to operate in Georgia by the Environmental Protection Division. Visit their website and click on "State of Georgia in Compliance Date Base" to see the complete list.

Learn more about how to be a Georgia Approved Commercial Transporter

For more information regarding Athens-Clarke County's requirements, please contact:
Mitch Moore
ACC FOG Inspector

*This list is provided as a convenience and does not imply an endorsement of the services provided by any of the listed companies.  Exercise due diligence when hiring a pumping/waste hauling contractor.  The list is based upon information available at the time.