Leisure Services Department Scholarships

A scholarship offers an opportunity to pay a discounted rate for a Leisure Services youth program.  All Athens-Clarke County residents under the age of 18 are eligible to be considered for a scholarship.


  • Must be under the age of 18
  • Must reside in Athens-Clarke County
  • Must meet financial need requirements

Scholarship Program Terms:

  • Scholarship levels are available at 25%, 50%, and 75%. Recipients who receive a 75% scholarship only pay 25% of the total cost of each program, etc.  
  • Each scholarship recipient may receive a combined total of $400 in scholarship funds per year.

Required Documentation:

  • Utility bill from the last 90 days
  • IRS Tax Form 1040 (with children listed)
  • Photo ID

Hardship procedures are in place for those who do not have the necessary paperwork. Please call the ACC Leisure Services Administrative Office at 706-613-3800 to schedule an appointment.  This process may take up to three weeks.  The hardship procedures address the lack of necessary paperwork, not to appeal the amount of the scholarship award issued.  The amount of the award cannot be appealed. 

How to Apply

Parents/legal guardians must apply for an ACCGov Leisure Services Scholarship at least five business days prior to registering for a program. Applying for a scholarship and a program may not be done at the same time.

Please take the required documentation, to any of the following Leisure Services facility offices: ACC Tennis Center, Bishop Park, East Athens Educational Dance Center, Heard Park, Lay Park, Lyndon House Arts Center, Memorial Park, Rocksprings Community Center and Park, or Sandy Creek Nature Center

Parents/legal guardians may apply for scholarships at Leisure Services facility offices, but scholarship applications will not approved on site. Applicants should expect an email within five business days as to whether or not the scholarship has been approved. This email will include the amount of discount.

Scholarship Vouchers

Recipients of the 75% scholarship will also be awarded an additional $20 to use toward any Leisure Services scholarship eligible program(s). This voucher is applied to qualifying accounts and will automatically be deducted from the patron's first transaction.  Please note that each child receives the $20 voucher each year.  

Beginning July 1, 2019 individuals may re-apply for a scholarship, and all future 75% scholarship recipients will receive the $20 voucher.  

Other Things to Note

Scholarships do not cover admission, entrance, field trips, or rental fees. ACCGov Leisure Services will grant a scholarship to all those who qualify. 

Staff at all facilities are available to answer questions or call 706-613-3800.

Scholarships may be renewed or applied for at any Leisure Services Department facility office and take at least five business days to process.  All scholarships expire December 31 and must be renewed annually.