Failing to Come to Court

Failure to Appear Consequences

If you fail to come to court on your court date and have not already paid your fine in full, you are subject to a late fee. If a warrant must be issued to bring you to court, you also are subject to warrant fees.

Failure to Appear - Motor Vehicle Citations

In addition to a late fee, if you fail to appear for a motor vehicle citation you are subject to arrest on a failure to appear warrant. The court is required to notify the State of Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) of your failure to respond to the citation. DDS will suspend your driver's license or privilege to drive in Georgia until you respond and pay any fines and penalties imposed and show proof of payment and pay required license restoration fees.

Failure to Appear - Other Citations, Accusations, or Orders

In addition to a late fee, if you fail to come to court for other citations or accusations or as ordered, a bench warrant or contempt warrant will be issued, and you may be assessed warrant fees and court costs. Your bond may be forfeited as well.