Alphabetical List of Applications

Following is an alphabetical list of applications required for various development, construction and business-related activities in Athens-Clarke County. These applications should be submitted to the Planning Department.

Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) Application
The Certificate of Appropriateness Application is the application form for the Historic Preservation Commission's review of exterior changes to locally designated historic properties. Use this form for staff-processed COAs as well.

Community Garden Permit Application
A Community Garden Permit Application is required for new community gardens, they are permitted up to 1 acre in all zoning districts and must follow the regulations set out in Sec. 9-15-23 of the Athens Clarke County Code of Ordinances.

Conceptual Preliminary Design Review
Use this Conceptual Preliminary Design Review if you would like to present conceptual designs and receive review comments from the Historic Preservation Commission prior to submitting the application for a Certificate of Appropriateness.

Demolition and Relocation Review
Prior to submittal of a demolition or relocation permit, all requests which include exterior demolitions or relocations shall first obtain approval of an exterior Demolition and Relocation Review Application from the Planning Department.

Environmental Areas Permit Application
The Environmental Areas Permit Application is required if you are proposing site alterations to properties with environmental areas, including streams, riparian buffers, and flood plain.

Final Plat Application
The Final Plat Application is the application for the subdivision of property if four or fewer lots are being requested or, in the case of a major subdivision, if a preliminary plan and a site plan have been approved.

Greenspace Acquisitions
Currently there are two land acquisition programs active within unified government departments: the Georgia Greenspace Initiative and the Athens-Clarke County Greenway Network Plan. The policies and procedures for the Greenspace Acquisition Program have combined these two plans. The Greenspace program, as outlined herein, will serve as the governing program. The Greenspace Acquisitions document includes the site nomination form.

Historic Property Tax Assessment Freeze Application
On April 11, 1990, the governor of Georgia signed into effect a Local Option Act for a property tax deferment program for historic resources designated under an approved local ordinance and listed either by the state register or the National Register of Historic Places. This incentive program does not require rehabilitation. View the Historic Property Tax Assessment Freeze Application.

Home-Based Business
Also referred to as the Home Occupation Permit, the Home-Based Business Application is the form you need if you plan to use your home address for a business. The regulations pertaining to home-based businesses are included with the application.

Neighborhood Notification Initiative - Neighborhood Registration Form
Use this Neighborhood Registration Form to register your neighborhood group for participation in the Neighborhood Notification Initiative.

Open Records Request Form
View the Open Records Request Form. To assist our department in completing this open records request as quickly as possible, please provide all of the information. Legally privileged information will not be provided.

Planned Development Application
Application for a Planned Development zoning designation. See also the pre-application conference request form and the planning commission submittal checklist.

Plans Review Application
The Plans Review Application is part of the building and site plans review process for all construction projects, coordinating all appropriate Athens-Clarke County departments as well as the Clarke County Health Department.

Pre-Application Conference Request
A pre-application meeting is required a minimum of two weeks prior to the submittal deadline for all Planning Commission applications, including rezones, planned developments, and special uses. Use the Pre-Application Conference Request form to get started.

Preliminary Plat Application
The Preliminary Plat Application is for developments of five lots or more or for subdivisions of property involving public street construction. A preliminary plat approval is mandatory prior to application for a site review approval and final plat approval.

Revisions for Plans Review, Preliminary Plats & Site Review
The Revision Application form is to be completed and submitted with any revisions to a Plans Review Application, Preliminary Plat Application, Final Plat Application, or Site Plan Review Application.

Prescribed Grazing Zoning Permit Application
Application for a Prescribed Grazing Zoning Permit Application. A Prescribed Grazing permit allows for property owners to use grazing animals to clear vegetation from a lot, Sec. 9-15-24 contains all pertinent regulations for this action.

Rezone Application
Use the Rezone Application to request a change to a property's zoning designation. See also the Pre-Application Conference Request Form and the Planning Commission Submittal Checklist.

Sign Review Application
Once the Planning Department has approved a Sign Review Application for compliance with zoning and design standards, a Sign Permit is required from the Building Inspections Department prior to installation of the sign.

Special Use Application
View the application for a Special Use Zoning Designation. Also see the Pre-Application Conference Request form and the Planning Commission Submittal Checklist.

Timber Harvesting Notification
A Notice of Timber Harvesting Activity is required prior to removal of trees from a property, unless the property is one acre or smaller within a single-family residential zone. Contact the County Arborist at 706-613-3515 with questions about submission requirements, or about tree removal.

Tree Management Plan Review Application
A Tree Management Plan Review Application is required for new multi-family and commercial developments, many additions to buildings, site improvements on existing developments, submittal of a preliminary plat, review of a Land Disturbance Activity Permit and with a Notice of Timber Harvest.

TT Telecommunication: Temporary Tower Permit
View the Temporary Telecommunication Facilities Application. This is also known as a Cellular on Wheels (COW).

Variance Application - Community Tree Management
Use the Community Tree Management Variance Application for variance requests from Chapter 8-7, the Community Tree Management Ordinance, except for Forest Management Activity variance requests. Requests for variances are reviewed by the Hearings Board.

Variance Application - Flood Protection
Use the Flood Protection Variance Application for variance requests from Chapter 8-2, the Athens-Clarke County Flood Protection Ordinance. Requests for variances are reviewed by the Hearings Board. 

Variance Application - Protected Environmental Areas
Use the Protected Environmental Areas Variance Application for variance requests from Chapter 8-6, the Protected Environmental Areas Ordinance. Requests for variances are reviewed by the Hearings Board. 

Variance Application - Signs
Use the Sign Variance Application for variance requests from Chapter 7-4, the Athens-Clarke County Sign Ordinance. Requests for variances are reviewed by the Hearings Board. 

Variance Application - Zoning & Development Standards
Use the Zoning & Development Standards Variance Application for variance requests from Title 9, Zoning & Development Standards, but not for requests to change permitted uses. Requests for variances are reviewed by the Hearings Board. 

Waiver Application - Forest Management Activity Waiver
Use the Forest Management Activity Waiver Application for waiver requests from Sec. 8-7-18 of the Community Tree Management Ordinance. All other variance requests from Chapter 8-7 should use the Community Tree Management Variance Application. This application is reviewed by the Hearings Board.

Zoning Permit
The Athens-Clarke County Planning Department requires a Zoning Permit for all single-family residential construction projects requiring a building permit, as well as the construction or alterations of fences, driveways, parking lots, pads, or temporary uses. Multi-family, commercial, and other uses are permitted through the Plans Review Process.