Sewer Project: Middle Oconee Interceptor

Project Details

Name: Middle Oconee Interceptor

Type:  Sewer 

Notice to Proceed: Spring 2020

Status: Preliminary Plans Submitted for Review

Area for Improvements: Duncan Springs Rd., Hamilton Rd., Macon Hwy. near loop

Expected Completion Date: Winter 2023 

Construction cost: $271,440 

Project Summary: This project is the replacement and realignment of the thirty-six-inch trunk line that extends from Duncan Springs Drive along the Middle Oconee River to our Middle Oconee Wastewater facility, where the collection stream arrives for processing. The pipe serves a vast area of homes and businesses in the Athens-Clarke County collection system. It is a large section of a thirty-six-inch main line that many other mains tie into to transport sanitary sewer to the treatment facility. The line has been exposed, and settling has occurred due to erosion. Because of the pipe's large size, topography and terrain make this a difficult and complex line to design. This work will require encroachment to waterways and creek crossings to accomplish this replacement and relocation. Work along waterways and crossings requires the Army Corps of engineers and Georgia Environmental Protection approval. 

How this benefits Athens' residents: This sewer replacement and realignment benefit Athens residents by ensuring clean rivers and streams are free of sewer spills. The project will address erosion issues and access to prevent sewer spills and sanitary sewer from backing up into structures.  

Questions:  Contact John Halley, Utility Engineer (interim), Phone: 706-613-3490

Middle Oconee Interceptor