Construction and Engineering

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Design Guidance 
The Public Utilities Department compiled the General Design Guidance manual to provide insight into the plan development and review process for water and sewer projects. The guide provides municipal code and policy instruction for developers, as well as offering answers to frequently asked questions.  Contact John Halley if further instruction is needed.

Water and Sewer Specifications and Details      
Public Utilities water and sanitary sewer specification and detailed drawings are available for download as Water Specifications and Sewer Specifications. Contact John Halley for further information on PUD specifications for the construction of utilities.

Fire Hydrant Flow Test 
PUD performs all fire hydrant flow tests. Submit a Flow Test Request to Engineering Management with a check payable to Athens-Clarke County. You will be required to list the hydrant numbers of the hydrants you would like to flow test. If you need a map listing our hydrant numbers, please use the Utility Viewer to locate this information. Contact John Halley for additional information.

Water & Sanitary Sewer Capacity Evaluation 
PUD recommends a water and/or sanitary sewer capacity evaluation for all water and sanitary sewer improvements. Submit a  request to PUD for an evaluation. This request should include:  

  • the name of the proposed street address,
  • tax parcel identification number,
  • the proposed density of the development (number of units and total number of beds),
  • the zoning designation,
  • proposed domestic water and sanitary sewer demands,
  • location map,
  • plan showing the proposed development,
  • and Autocad file containing a proposed development plan (if available).

The evaluation fee is $150 for Sanitary Sewer and $50 for Water. Contact John Halley for additional information.

Map Requests

For those in need of maps of the Athens-Clarke County water and sanitary sewer system in a particular area, please visit our Utility Viewer.

Please use the map for reference only, as new development and construction create frequent changes in our system and may not yet be reflected in the current map.  For more information, contact the GIS Analyst.
Map in .dwg format

Maximum Flow & Water Consumption
ACC enforces the latest edition of the Georgia State Minimum Standard Code as adopted by the State of Georgia, following recommendations in the International Plumbing Code.  
Georgia State Amendments to the International Plumbing Code, 2018 Edition 
A table of flow rates provides the maximum flow rates for plumbing fixtures and fixture fittings. 

Water And/Or Sanitary Sewer Construction Inspection

PUD must inspect all proposed water and/or sanitary sewer improvements. The contractor must contact the assigned inspector 24 hours before beginning utility construction. Contact Chad Bridges for additional information.

Approved Contractors

PUD must approve all contractors installing public water and/or sanitary sewer lines. Approved contractors must meet the following requirements:

  • be a Licensed Utility Contractor in the State of Georgia, 
  • have one million dollars in general liability insurance & worker's compensation coverage policies, 
  • have five references, three of which must be municipalities, 
  • and submit a list of equipment to PUD. 

Contact Chad Bridges for additional information.

Utility Contracts

Water and/or sanitary sewer improvements involving extensions of mains require a contract to be executed between a developer and Athens-Clarke County, along with the payment of administrative fees to cover the costs of line inspection, possible tap, labor & materials charges, etc. Contact Matt Adamson for additional information.

Utility Easements

All water and sanitary sewer improvements accepted by PUD for ownership, operation, and maintenance require accompanying easement documents and plats legally conveying the easement to ACCGov.  The documents are often prepared by a developer's attorney and surveyor but must meet the ACCGov Attorney's approval. For easement and plat inclusions, contact Matt Adamson for additional information.