Sewer Project: Lake Meeler Subdivision

Project Details

Name: Lake Meeler Subdivision Priority Sewer Line Rehab

Type:  Sewer 

Notice to Proceed: Fall 2019

Status: Plans and Permits Submitted for Review and Approval 

Area for Improvements: Huntington Shoals Dr., Chesterfield Rd., Mountain Laurel Rd., Laurel Springs Dr., Meeler Circle, GA Square Mall

Expected Completion Date: Spring 2023

Construction/Design cost: $133,427 

Project Summary: This project is to replace/realign the sanitary sewer main along Unega Creek, a tributary of the Middle Oconee. This sewer line serves homes and businesses located in Lake Meeler Subdivision, Crane Drive, Huntington Road, Cherokee Ridge, Mountain Laurel Road, Laurel Springs Drive, Georgia Square Mall, and US 78- Atlanta Highway. Impacts from erosion, adverse terrain conditions, and future site improvement plans for the area make this a challenging project for design. This project will require creek crossings and approval from the Army Corps of Engineers and Georgia Environmental Protection. 

How this benefits Athens' residents: This sewer main replacement/realignment benefits Athens residents by ensuring clean creeks, streams, and rivers. It also facilitates access for maintenance activities to prevent sewer spills into state waters and backups into structures. This project will additionally address erosion issues in the area of the project. 

Questions:  Contact John Halley, Utility Engineer (interim), Phone: 706-613-3490

Map of area improvements for Lake Meeler Subdivision Sewer Project