Beautiful Business of the Year

Established in 1993, the Beautiful Business of the Month program recognizes local businesses that improve the appearance of the community through landscaping and beautification efforts. Each month, the KACCB Board of Directors selects a local business as the Beautiful Business of the Month and at the end of the calendar year, the Board votes from the pool of monthly winners to select the Beautiful Business of the Year. 

This year we would like to recognize Chick-fil-A at their Atlanta Highway location as our 2019 Beautiful Business of the Year. The KACCB Board of Directors selected Chick-fil-A as the Beautiful Business of the Month for March 2019 after they were nominated for their beautiful daffodil display. Atlanta Highway is a very urban stretch and this pop of color and lovely green space made a big impression. Our board planted daffodils on the Atlanta Highway ramps of Loop 10 and we were so happy to see a nearby business take that beautification and run with it! 

We want to thank Chik-fil-A for being a leader in our community and for placing such value on the appearance and health of their outdoor environment.


Chik fil a daffodils 2019
Chik fil A March 2019

Past Beautiful Businesses of the Year

  • 2019 Chik-fil-A, Atlanta Highway
  • 2018 Team Biscuits & Burgers
  • 2017 J’s Bottle Shop
  • 2016 Cofer’s Home and Garden Showplace
  • 2015 Marker 7 Coastal Grill
  • 2014 Earth Fare
  • 2013 New Earth
  • 2012 Teds Most Best and Heirloom
  • 2011 Lindsey’s Culinary Market
  • 2010 Pawtropolis