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KACCB accepts nominations for the Community Member of the Year Award. This annual award recognizes a community member as an environmental steward of litter prevention and abatement or community greening/beautification. The award recipient will be recognized at the annual GreenFest Award Ceremony. Nominees must be a resident of Athens-Clarke County. Use our online nomination form or contact or (706)613-3501 x7861. The deadline for submissions is March 4th.

Nomination community member 2022

 2022 Keepin’ It Clean Community Members of the Year - Michael and Judy Goltzer

This year we are so very proud to be recognizing Judy and Michael Goltzer Keepin' it Clean Community Member of the Year!

Here is what their nominator had to say:

Whenever there is a community clean-up or beautification project, we can always count on the Goltzers to be there. This husband and wife team is an inspiration to many.  They are humble, hardworking, and dedicated to improving the environment whenever there is an opportunity.  The couple is a pleasure to work around.  I am not sure how long they have been married, but they have managed to incorporate volunteerism into their routine and their relationship. They have been nominated based on their participation in the maintenance and beautification of the historic St. James Baptist Church Cemetery located on Roberts Road just off Whitehead Road; and their frequent participation in cleanup events sponsored by their commissioner.

It seems that working towards a shared passion also serves to strengthen and enrich their relationship.  Other couples might benefit from volunteering together.  This could be one of the secrets to longevity in marriage and in life.  

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Judy & Michael Goltzer 2022 Community Members of the the Year!

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