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KACCB accepts nominations for the Community Member of the Year Award. This annual award recognizes a community member as an environmental steward of litter prevention and abatement or community greening/beautification. The award recipient will be recognized at the annual GreenFest Award Ceremony. Nominees must be a resident of Athens-Clarke County. Use our online nomination form or contact or (706)613-3501 x7861. The deadline for submissions is March 4th.

Nomination community member 2022

 2021 Keepin’ It Clean Community Member of the Year - Sara Clarke

This year we are so very proud to be recognizing Sara Clarke as the 2021 Keepin' it Clean Community Member of the Year!

Here is what her nominators had to say: 

"Sara brings neighborhood students and families to work with the Barrow school grounds, she is inspiring students to create their own gardens and environmental projects. She currently works as a gifted teacher, but when she taught Kindergarten, staff often said, "You can't graduate from Mrs. Clarke's class without caring deeply about our Earth." 


"Sara is passionate about gardening and composting and the beauty of grounds, schools, and public spaces. She is seemingly indefatigable! She not only teaches and reaches kids, she organizes and inspires volunteers to come help out. And during the summer and school breaks, she comes over to the school weekly to water and weed, pick vegetables or have kids pick them and have tastings! In inspiring others, she is changing not only our school, but our community and beyond for years to come!"

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Sara Clarke, 2021 Community Member of the the Year!

Sara Clarke Community Member of the Year 2021