Water & Sewer Standard Details

The standard detail drawings below are intended to be used as a guide in the preparation and submittal of water and sewer plans for private development and city contract projects within Athens-Clarke County.  
Complete Standard Details for Water Main & Wastewater Construction

ACC Water Main and Wastewater Standard Details (Jan.2020)

W-1Underground Valve Boxpdfdwg
W-2Fire Hydrant 6-inch dippdfdwg
W-2AFire Hydrant 8-inch dippdfdwg
W-3Water Service & Meter Connectionpdfdwg
W-4Air Valve-Automaticpdfdwg
W-5Water Valve Marker
W-6Typical Valve Location
W-7Thrust Block
W-8Gate Valvepdfdwg
W-9Cut and Plugpdfdwg
W-10Fire and Service Detail
W-11Fire and Domestic Service Detail
W-12Fire, Domestic, and Irrigation Service Detail
W-13Back Tap Installation Detailpdfdwg
W-14Water Pipe Bedding Detailpdfdwg
W-15Dead End Fire Hydrantpdfdwg
W-16Dead End Fire Hydrant w/3 Valves for future expansionpdfdwg
SS-1Service Connection in New Sewerpdfdwg
SS-2Water Stop Collarpdfdwg
SS-3Deflection Test Mandrelpdfdwg
SS-4Concrete Pierpdfdwg
SS-5Concrete Pier Footingpdfdwg
SS-6Pipe Anchoragepdfdwg
SS-7Bedding Detailpdfdwg
G-1Paving Cut Detailpdfdwg
G-2Vertical Bend Detailpdfdwg
G-3Casing and Spacer Detailpdfdwg
MH-1Frame and Coverpdfdwg
MH-2Private Frame and Cover Versionpdfdwg
MH-3Watertight Frame and Coverpdfdwg
MH-4Boot Connectionpdfdwg
MH-5Large Diameter Manhole Basepdfdwg
MH-6Manhole Base with Hole Connectionpdfdwg
MH-7Doghouse Manhole Over Existing Sewerpdfdwg
MH-8Force Main Discharge Manhole Type 1
MH-9Force Main Discharge Manhole Type 2
MH-10Manhole Collarpdfdwg
MH-11Manhole Steppdfdwg
MH-12Sample Manholepdfdwg
MH-13Industrial Sample Manholepdfdwg
MH-14Standard Concrete Manholepdfdwg
MH-15Outside Drop Manhole Detailpdfdwg
MH-16Sewer Main Diversion Detailpdfdwg
PS-1Pumping Station 6 FTpdfdwg
PS-2Pumping Station 8 FTpdfdwg