Attendance / Make-Ups

Make-Up Classes

While we encourage parents to bring their children to all scheduled classes, we do realize there are times when students must miss a class due to illness. Therefore, we will allow a maximum of two make-up classes for classes that are missed due to illness. The make-up classes must be completed during the session in which the regular classes are missed and may not be carried over to another session.

Make-ups are scheduled for students who have missed due to illness and are a courtesy service that is not guaranteed. We will not schedule a make-up if the safety and quality of instruction given in the class will be compromised. To schedule a make-up class, please contact the gymnastics office at 706-613-3589 ext. 225.

Removal Due to Absenteeism

Leisure Services reserves the right to remove a student who has more than two consecutive absences from a class without proper notification. No refund or credit will be given if a student is removed due to excessive absenteeism.