Safety Statement


There are risks involved with gymnastics simply because there is height, motion, and power involved with the gymnastics skills and their performance. Additional risks are created by the training or practice environment and by improper conduct during the activity.

Therefore, it is our policy to strongly discourage skill practice at home. Instead, we suggest strength and flexibility exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, and splits. Each instructor is working hard to maintain safety in the interest of all students.

Gymnastics skills need undivided attention. Therefore, parents who wave or call out instructions may distract not only their child but the other participants in the class. These distractions also contribute to the instructor having to regain the students' attention.

We ask parents to discourage their children from leaving the class unless it is an emergency. All students should use the restroom before the start of class. If you have questions regarding your child's progress, see the instructor prior to or immediately following the class.