Private Lessons

Individual or Semi-Private Lessons

Individual or semi-private (two students) lessons are available to students who need extra attention on a specific skill or skills. We do not encourage long-term private lessons as we feel students progress better in a class environment.

Lessons are available from select staff members for either a half hour or a full hour and must be scheduled in advance through the office. Non-members must join Athens Clarke Gymnastics Academy by paying an annual registration fee of $25 per person.

Lesson Fees

For each lesson given, the person responsible for payment must pay a non-refundable fee per student to the front desk at the time the appointment is scheduled. This fee is $20 per person for a half-hour and $30 per person for an hour. Two-student, semi-private prices are $30 for a half hour and $50 for an hour where these costs are equally divided between the two students.

Lessons will only be scheduled during regular class hours. For more information, call 706-613-3589 and ask for Gymnastics.