Please note: Weddings are not being scheduled at this time.

Weddings Ceremonies in the Magistrate Court

The judges of the Magistrate Court perform weddings for the public by advance appointment at the courthouse at 9:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on Monday and Friday.

Scheduling a Wedding Ceremony at the Magistrate Court

Prior to scheduling a wedding, a couple must obtain a wedding license in Athens-Clarke County from the Athens-Clarke County Probate Court. The bride or groom should bring the license and fill out a request form for wedding ceremony in the office of the Clerk of Magistrate Court, Room 240 in the Athens-Clarke County Courthouse.

Cost of Weddings at the Magistrate Court

Weddings performed at the courthouse during normal business hours are free. State law prohibits judges performing weddings during normal business hours from receiving any form of payment, gift, or compensation.

What to Bring to the Wedding

Please bring the wedding license and a form of identification for both the bride and groom. You may bring cameras or video recorders, but you will need to let the deputies at the security entrance know about the equipment when you pass through security.

Requests for Weddings Away from the Courthouse

The judges do not regularly perform weddings at locations away from the courthouse, but you may contact the clerk of Magistrate Court by calling 706-613-3310 and any requests will be forwarded to the judges for consideration.


Courthouse wedding times and days are subject to change without advance notice.