Critical Illness Insurance


What is Critical Illness Insurance?

When serious illness strikes, Critical Illness Insurance can provide a lump-sum, tax-free, cash payment that can help you with your financial needs. You can use this coverage more than once. If you receive a full benefit payout for a covered illness, your coverage can be continued for the remaining covered conditions. You can use the lump sum payment however you need (there is no usage restriction). Critical Illness Insurance provides a financial peace of mind in one of life’s most stressful circumstances.

  • Covered Conditions:

    • Heart attack
    • Blindness
    • Major organ failure
    • End-stage renal (kidney) failure
    • Occupational HIV
    • Coronary artery bypass surgery; pays 25% of lump sum benefit
    • Benign brain tumor
  • Covered Conditions with time limitations:

    • Stroke—Evidence of persistent neurological deficits confirmed by a neurologist at least 30 days after the event
    • Coma—Coma resulting from severe traumatic brain injury lasting for a period of 14 or more consecutive days
    • Permanent paralysis—Complete and permanent loss of the use of two or more limbs for continuous 90 days as a result of a covered accident
  • Cancer conditions:

    • Cancer—Carcinoma in situ pays 25% of lump sum benefit

ACCUG Employees: For complete details about covered conditions, please see policy definitions at

Benefit Options

You can choose to purchase Employee Coverage of $15,000 or $25,000, and Spouse Coverage of  $10,000. Child coverage is automatically added at 25% of the Employee Benefit Amount when Employee coverage is elected. The coverage offers a portable option if needed.

Added Wellness Benefit

With Critical Illness Insurance, there is an added benefit that will pay you when you, or your dependent, complete your annual physical, or other health screenings such as blood tests, stress tests, colonoscopies, chest x-rays, mammograms, etc.  The benefit can pay $50 per calendar year if a covered health screening test is performed. This is a benefit to reward you for your healthy behavior in taking the first step to prevent a critical illness in your life.

For a full list of covered tests and the Wellnes Credit Claim Form, visit the HR Benefits page at