Forms and Permits

The following forms and permit requests are provided for your convenience. All forms may be returned to the police department at 3035 Lexington Road. For questions, please call 762-400-7000.

  • Criminal History Consent Form - this form is used to check the criminal history of a person
  • Driver Review Request - this form is completed and sent to the GA Department of Driver's Services to evaluate a person's ability to operate a motor vehicle
  • Event Registration - this form is required when a person or entity is having an outdoor entertainment event with commercial entertainment and/or electronic amplification. Registration is required at least 72 hours prior to the event. 
  • Letter of Authorization - this form is used to authorize officers to enter upon private property for the purpose of deterring drugs sales or other illegal activities which may be occurring 
  • Open Records Request - this process is used to request open records for the police department
  • Ride-Along Request - this form is used to request a ride-along with an Athens-Clarke County Police Officer
  • Pest Permit - this is a written permit to a citizen over the age of 18 to use a firearm for the limited purpose of shooting animal pests
  • Public Demonstration - Any picketing, demonstration, assembly, gathering or procession of any kind, whether required to be permitted or not, shall be prohibited from blocking the ingress and egress of any public or private place.
  • SR13 - this form is a Self-reporting Vehicle Crash Document
  • Business and Residential Emergency Contact Information - this form is used to provide relevant information to ACCPD regarding a home or business in the event of an emergency.