Youth Development & Violence Prevention

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Program Area Description

The initial advisory group for Youth Development and Violence Prevention will be Clarke County School District (CCSD), ACCGov, and identified community partners who specialize in youth programming and/or violence prevention (TBD). 

The advisory group will:

  • Engage community partners in a facilitated and inclusive manner to highlight needs and opportunities for youth support
  • Refine program goals and develop a logic model
  • Develop schedule, meeting protocols, expectations and potential case management for community organizations
  • Develop a financial and operational sustainability model for years beyond ARPA with the Athens Area Community Foundation and others
  • Create a potential longitudinal case management of youth participants through high school
  • Create a potential non-profit capacity building program

Source: ARPA Funding Program agenda item (March 1, 2022 Mayor and Commission meeting)

Summer 2022 performance measures and program outcomes are communicated on the Youth Development hub site.