Business Development & Workforce Support

Program Area Description

The initial advisory group for Business Development and Workforce Support is to be determined (TBD) following discussion at an upcoming Mayor & Commission Work Session or retreat. They will be charged with identifying priority actions needed for small business development and worker empowerment, regardless of funding source. Special consideration should be given to addressing the needs of workers, including, for example, the following:

  • the need for childcare support for low income families;
  • the development of co-operative and worker-owned businesses, including secondary cooperatives (a group of micro-business LLC’s);
  • high quality labor standards (such as wage floors at $15/hr, paid leave options, paid health care and other benefits, and just cause termination agreements);
  • and nonprofit programming designed to assist workers in labor organizing for improved working conditions and/or higher wages.

A total of $4 million has been allocated for this bucket.