Behavioral Health

In March 2022 Mayor and Commission authorized $4 million in ARPA funds for behavioral health, with Advantage Behavioral Health Systems (ABHS) to serve as initial advisory group for this bucket. In January 2023 ABHS submitted a request to ACCGov to release the $4 million in behavioral health funds to provide additional financing needed for SPLOST 2020 Project 28, Mental Health Recovery Facility. Later, in March 2023, ABHS presented this request to the ACCGov Safety and Justice Committee, a co-advisory group for the ARPA Behavioral Health bucket. The Safety and Justice Committee voted unanimously to support the project and submitted a letter to Mayor Girtz in support of the project on March 17, 2023. Following presentations at both a Mayor and Commission retreat and a work session, Mayor and Commission voted to designate the $4 million Behavioral Health bucket to supplement SPLOST 2020 Project 28 on June 6, 2023. 

This funding will support construction of 24 units in the Mental Health Recovery Facility.

More information about this project, which is managed by the SPLOST office, is available on the SPLOST project website, as well as in Agenda Item 14 from the June 6, 2023 Mayor and Commission meeting.