S. Milledge Ave at Whitehall Road Intersection Improvement Project


Before Milledge at Whitehall


After Milledge at Whitehall


The intersection of South Milledge Avenue and Whitehall Road consists of three legs which form a Y-shaped, triangle junction. Traffic on Whitehall Road was not controlled while South Milledge Avenue/Phoenix Road traffic had a stop-controlled condition at the intersection. There were several yield conditions within the Y-shaped junction. Traffic volumes are expected to increase by 28% by Year 2033. Based on these projected traffic volumes, the Level of Service (LOS) would decline to a rating of “F” if no improvements were made. The Athens-Clarke County Unified Government’s (ACCUG) objective is to maintain a LOS rating of “D” or greater for all improved intersections. The reported crash history for this intersection suggests that the unsignalized intersection configuration was experiencing typical types of crashes as seen in suburban areas. These crashes are often correctable through either a traffic signal or modern roundabout.

Project Details:  

The first phase of the project included reduction of the hill/lowering of the vertical curve on Whitehall Road to improve vehicle sight distance. This phase included the following elements:

  • The reduction of the existing center line grade of Whitehall Road by approximately six feet at the top of the hill;
  • The reduction of the grade would improve the sight distance along the western approach leg, but would not address traffic operation and capacity issues of the current intersection geometry; and
  • The addition of wider shoulders along Whitehall Road within the project limits could function as bicycle lanes in the future as bicycle lanes are added to major transportation corridors.

PhaseAgenda DateFunding SourceBudgetActualBegin DateEnd Date
ConceptApr -11

PE DesignApr -13SPLOST 2011$44,099$44,099Mar - 13Jun - 13
FE DesignMarch - 14SPLOST 2011$46,717$46,717Sep - 13Jan - 15
ConstructionFeb - 15SPLOST 2011/LMIG$690,000$536,485June - 15Aug - 15

Concept: ACC David Clark

Design: W.R. Toole Engineers David Clark, Jerry Oberholtzer

Construction: E.R. Snell David Clark

Notes: Project was split into two phases. The first phase constituted a grade reduction on Whitehall

   Road approaching the intersection, and the second phase will address an improvement at the intersection.

Project: 6236