Baxter St. & Southview Sidewalks

Sidewalk Gap Program - 2019/2020

This project includes the design and construction of two segments of gap sidewalks on Baxter Street and Southview Drive. Sol Construction was awarded the contract for this project which will include update and addition to existing sidewalks, accessibility ramps, and traffic signals.

Construction on Baxter Street @ N. Milledge Avenue began on May 13, 2019 with the removal of trees and shrubbery. This sidewalk is complete. Signal upgrades, ADA ramps, and pedestrian facilities continue to be on hold awaiting utility coordination with GDOT and Georgia Power.

Construction on Southview Drive is complete. Coordination continues of signal modifications and upgrades, ADA ramps, and pedestrian facilities at the intersection of Southview Drive and Agriculture Drive and of Southview Drive and S. Milledge Avenue.

Baxter Street Sidewalk Gap
Southview Dr Sidewalk Gap