For Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance information, contact:

Butch McDuffie, Director 
Athens-Clarke County Transit
775 East Broad Street, Athens, GA 30601

Wheelchair Accessibility 
Athens-Clarke County Transit is proud provide wheelchair accessible service on every ACC Transit bus and all of our routes.

Mobility Impairment 
For people with a mobility impairment which prevents them from using fixed-route bus service we offer The Lift, Athen-Clarke County Transit’s demand response transportation. The application can be found here or you may request an application for The Lift by calling 706-613-3435 or by coming to the Athens Transit Office. Both Parts A & B the application must be submitted to ACC Transit to determine your eligibility.

Bus n’ Bike Program 
Athens-Clarke County Transit’s “Bus n’ Bike” program makes daily commuting easier, safer, and more convenient for cyclists. There is no extra charge to bring your bike along. Our racks only contacts a bike’s tires, reducing potential damage. Bike racks are attached to the front bumper of the bus and can hold up to three adult-sized bikes for easy transport of bicycles on the bus.