Pavement Maintenance Program

The roadway list for the Calendar Year 2022 Pavement Maintenance Program was approved by Mayor and Commission on June 14, 2022 and contracts were awarded to Pittman Construction in August 2022. View the 2022 Paving Map to see a full list of roadways scheduled for treatment during the 2022 program.

Upcoming Paving

The following roadways are scheduled to receive treatment within the next week. The treatment will include crack seal, chip seal and/or patching. The video links to the right show each of the different treatment types.

When paving is scheduled at your location, the contractor will place signs indicating anticipated dates for the work. Cars parked on the road during paving activity are subject to being towed.

Paving is always subject to adverse weather and could be delayed from the posted dates. 

Call the Transportation and Public Works Department with any questions or concerns at 706-613-3440.

Roads Scheduled To Receive Treatment in the Next Week:
Berlin St., from Berlin Ct. to East End
Madison Heights from Strickland Ave. to North Ave.
Beaverpointe Dr. from Beaverdam Rd to NW end
Bristlecone Ct from Beaverdam Rd to NW end
Canada Ct from Beaverpointe Dr to east end
Candy Ct from Candy Cir. to NW end
Hillview Terr from SE end to Cherokee Rd.
Hollis St. from west end to Mabry Dr.
Overlook Dr. from south end to Cherokee Rd.
Peltry Dr. from Beaverpointe Dr. to NE end
Shady Creek Ln from south end to Beaverdam Rd
Timber Ln from Beaverdam Rd to north end

Roadways scheduled to receive patching only include:

Nantahala Ave., from Nacoochee Ave to N. Chase St
North Ave. from E. Dougherty St to inner loop exit ramp

Pavement Maintenance Procedures

Road Paving

Full Width Mill

Deep Patching

Curb Milling

Crack Sealing

Chip Sealing