Gymnastics Facility

We are located at 705 Sunset Drive in Athens, Georgia inside of Julius F. Bishop Park. The current facility was built in 1973 from Model City monies for impoverished areas to boost programs. The original intent of the facility was to be used as a multi-purposed facility that would accommodate numerous programs. The facility was able to operate as a multi-purpose facility accommodating various adult and youth programs including gymnastics until 2000 due to the tremendous growth of the gymnastics program. In the Summer of 2000, the facility became solely dedicated to gymnastics. The Gym is very well equipped with only the best equipment that meets the standards set forth by the Olympic Committee for use with Olympic Competitors. We also have special sized equipment for the tiny hands and feet of our preschool and toddler students.

  • 42 x 42 AAI Spring Floor
  • 2 sets of Uneven Bars (including 2 single rails and a set of cantilever bars)
  • 1 set of boys parallel bars, 1 set of rings
  • 1 vaulting table
  • 4 high balance beams (including 2 low beams)
  • A 30 foot matted tumble track with above ground resi-pit
  • Many training mats, shapes, and preschool equipment

Our extensive class program has something for all ages. The competitive teams participate in USA Xcel levels! We invite you come in and see why Athens Clarke Gymnastics Academy is known as the place to be and why moms of tots to teens want their children to train here!