Advance Progressive Gymnastics

In response to COVID-19, Athens Clarke Gymnastics Academy has moved all classes online. If you would like to register your daughter to participate in one of our accelerated online classes, sign-in to your account or setup a free account and go to the Catalog. Select "Sports" then choose "Gymnastics-Online". Keep in mind to participate in the Advance Progressive/Pre-team Live Online Classes, your daughter needs to meet the following criteria 1) currently enrolled in one of our Advance Progressive Classes; 2) currently enrolled in an accelerated class at your gym; 3) currently enrolled in a pre-team program; or 4) previously been evaluated for an accelerated class or pre-team. If the gymnast does not meet one of the mentioned criteria, an email with the login information will not be sent to the parents. All classes are held on the Zoom platform. We look forward to having you Zoom with us!

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Athens Clarke Gymnastics Academy Advance Progressive Gymnastics

The Advance Progressive Gymnastics Program is a fun introduction to girls’ competitive gymnastics. Athens Clarke Gymnastics Academy’s Advance Progressive Gymnastics is a Rec League program that is designed to prepare gymnasts for the USA Gymnastics (USAG) competitive levels. Girls will learn skills and routines on all four events (vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor exercise). All of our gymnasts will perform these routines in a special competition (once per class session) where they will be judged and given scores. This is a fantastic way for our gymnasts to be able to compete!

Gymnasts entering into our Rec League class for 4 and 5 year old must have previous gymnastics experience and receive a recommendation from their instructor prior to participating in these classes. The Rec League classes for 6 years and older, require a recommendation from an instructor along with an evaluation before the gymnasts will be allowed to register for these classes.Classes meet two days per week and last 55 minutes to one hour and 25 minutes depending on the class level.


Participants are committed for the length of one session. Competitions are held at Athens Clarke Gymnastics Academy located in the Bishop Park Gym once per session. These competitions are held at the end of each respective session. Gymnasts are enrolled in an age group based on their age as of September 1 of that school year.

If you feel your daughter is ready for more of a challenge, this program is for her. Evaluations are held twice per year. Once during the fall and once during the spring. The evaluation day is not a drop-in day. Your daughter must either be recommended by her instructor, or if she is not currently enrolled in our program, you must call and reserve a spot for her in advance. Only those students who wish to be considered for either our Rec League program or our competitive teams should attend the evaluation. We have provided our Advance Progressive Gymnastics Frequently Asked Questions for your review.

Advance Progressive 4 and 5 - Shooting Stars

  • 55-minute class two days per week - maximum of six students per class
  • Students are four and five years old

Advance Progressive 6 and 7 - All-Stars

  • Class is one hour and 25 minutes two days per week - maximum of eight students per class
  • Students are six and seven years old

Advance Progressive 8 and older - Gym Stars

  • Class is one hour and 25 minutes two days per week - maximum of eight students per one instructor
  • Students are eight years old and up

Note: In addition to competing at Bishop Park, these class will also participate in quarterly in-house competitions. This is a fantastic way for all of our gymnasts to be able to compete!