Project 8: Tallassee Road Bridge Replacement Project

Project Details

Tallassee Road Bridge Replacement Project, includes the design, land acquisition, and construction costs associated with replacement of the existing publicly owned Tallassee Road bridge over the CSX railway line. The new bridge is proposed to consist of two 12-foot travel lanes, a 5-foot sidewalk, and a 10-foot multi-use trail. On the approaches, the project will create a 3-foot grass strip to buffer the sidewalk and a 5-foot grass strip to buffer the multi-use trail.

Project Updates

Preliminary Plans were approved by Mayor & Commission on December 4, 2018. Right-of-way acquisition and final plans development began immediately following the preliminary plan approval.

T & PW is on hold as staff await relocation plans from Southern Gas Company for the gas main currently running in the ROW and within the existing bridge superstructure. Staff were told that the new main requires 60-80 feet of bore under CSX ROW, therefore, a higher level of engineering and planning is required and the gas company has hired a consultant to design and coordinate with CSX to permit the relocation plan. 

Staff did take advantage of the utility relocation delay as they continue to work with 270 Tallassee Road Development to address a vertical elevation change to the existing roadway profile that required additional design efforts on a newly build roadway at 270 Tallassee Rd. TPW’s on-call designer staff from ARCADIS Engineering Inc. will be performing additional survey and design work to address needed changes to the final design plans, avoiding a change order to the construction plans contract. All changes received from the gas relocation will be coordinated and incorporated as well. Avoiding change to the plans during construction, and especially when the project will be built while maintaining traffic flow, is critical to limiting traffic delay impacts to the project budget and schedule.


Upon completion of construction plans TPW will begin the bid award process with coordination with CSXT and all impacted utility partners. The project award by M&C and work commencement is expected in early 2021


*as of 12/15/2020

Estimated Cost:  
TSPLOST 2018 Budget
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