Project 13: West Broad Area Pedestrian Improvements

PI 0016920 West Broad Concept Layout

Project Details

W. Broad Area Pedestrian Improvements, includes land acquisition, design, constructing sidewalks, multi-use trail, installing pedestrian traffic lights, traffic management devices and other general streetscape improvements to improve pedestrian movement within the W. Broad neighborhood area.

Project Updates

M&C has approved moving forward with the surveying and initial work to prepare roundabout concepts for review by the user group, public, and for M&C consideration.  Project concept was approved with conditions by M&C on December 4, 2019. Revised option #6 was provided to M&C for a final look to confirm conditions have been met. The revised Option #6 is now available.

The West Broad/West Hancock intersection improvements project has been making good progress on schedule.  The consultant team has collected traffic data and initiated traffic analysis, completed field surveying and mapping, identified environmental resources, and initiated validation of the previously prepared roundabout concept layouts.  We are scheduled to continue reviewing concepts through Spring 2021 present layouts to the public this summer and identify a preferred alternative for approval by Athens and GDOT by fall of 2021.  The long range schedule includes preliminary plans completed in 2022, final plans in 2023, and construction in 2024.

*as of 3/17/2021

Estimated Cost:  
TSPLOST 2018 Budget
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