Project 13: West Broad Area Pedestrian Improvements

Project Details

W. Broad Area Pedestrian Improvements, includes land acquisition, design, constructing sidewalks, multi-use trail, installing pedestrian traffic lights, traffic management devices and other general streetscape improvements to improve pedestrian movement within the W. Broad neighborhood area.

Project Updates

M&C has approved moving forward with the surveying and initial work to prepare roundabout concepts for review by the user group, public, and for M&C consideration.  Project concept was approved with conditions by M&C on December 4, 2019. Revised option #6 was provided to M&C for a final look to confirm conditions have been met. The revised Option #6 is now online at

The posted design highlights a few call outs regarding what has changed between the designs, as well as updated cost estimates.

*as of 12/15/2020

Estimated Cost:  
TSPLOST 2018 Budget
Estimated Annual Operating Impact