Project 9: Downtown Transportation Improvements Program

Project Summary

Downtown Transportation Improvements Program includes the design and construction for specific improvements for the Downtown Transportation infrastructure. 

Project includes improvements to Clayton Street and connecting side streets for the completion of the 2005 SPLOST project including new sidewalks, streetscape, new paving, associated storm drainage, pedestrian safety improvements, operational and traffic flow improvements, and bicycle improvements between Pulaski Street and N. Thomas Street.

Project Updates

Staff has completed the work on Wall Street at the intersection of Clayton Street and are now working on College Avenue @ Clayton St. To date, staff has completed the installation of 462 feet of stormwater pipe, construction of 5 manholes, 3 stormwater drains, and 343.5 square yards of asphalt patching.

A Construction Manager at Risk to complete the streetscape portion of the Clayton Street Infrastructure Project was approved by Mayor and Commission  A selection is expected to be completed by July with Mayor and Commission approval. Work is on hold until after the holiday shopping season.

Updates to this project can be found on the Clayton Street Improvements pages at

*as of 11/15/2019

Estimated Cost:  
TSPLOST 2018 Budget
Estimated Annual Operating Impact