Project 29: Georgia Railroad - Rail to Trails

Project Summary

The Rails to Trails Project – Georgia Railroad includes the establishment of an improved surface trail for non-motorized vehicles along the historic Georgia Railroad corridor between East Broad Street and Old Winterville Road. The trail allows for pedestrians and bicyclists alike to further participate in activities within Athens-Clarke County without being within close motor vehicle proximity. 

The Rail-to-Trails Project is currently divided into two separate trail segments as follows:

  • “Segment 1” is the segment of the trail that extends from East Broad Street to Wilkerson Street.
    •  The East Broad Street Trail Head Plaza contains benches, bike racks, trash receptacles, and areas for future landscaping.
  • “Segment 2” is the segment of the trail that extends from Wilkerson Street to Old Winterville Road.
    • The construction included two bridges, one over the North Oconee River at Wilkerson Street and a 97-foot bridge crossing Peter Street at the edge of Dudley Park.

Key Project Statistics

  • Designer: O'Brien & Gere
  • Contractor: Massana Construction
  • Sponsor: Leisure Services
  • Project Manager: Derek Doster
  • Original SPLOST Budget: $4,069,350
  • Amended Budget: $4,069,450
  • Grants or other funding: $1,588,276
  • Total Cost: $4,069,450
  • Completion Date: Continued in SPLOST 2011